Meet Lylo

The smartest open-source router. Easy wifi and domotic for everyone.

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Touch & Connect

Wifi has never been so intuitive.

Lylo is changing the way you configure wifi: Simply pair your devices with a touch. You receive automaticaly a connexion notification to guarantee your security.

Make internet fits to everyone

Lylo is smart. She recognizes devices from your family, your friends, your guests,... Everything is done to offer a customized web experience for every user.

Safe Child

Upgrade your home

We created a domotic system that interact with most of the connected devices. Lylo detects and configures all your stuff. All on its own.

Works perfect with

Works perfect with

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Technical Specifications

Vue 3d
  • Wifi AC
  • Bluetooth
  • ZigBee
  • Z-Wave
  • E/R 433mhz
  • Real wood
  • 2 USB
  • 4 ethernet port
  • 1* H/W Reset Button
  • 1* LED Indicator Light
  • 1* Power Port
  • Oled Screen: 4 × 2.5 × 4.2 inches

Note to developers

Why are we different ?

At Oneby, we believe in open-source. Lylo is based on Gnu Public License V2.
You are free to use, to study, to modify and to share without any limits.
Your personal data are really confidential, we will never ask for any subscription to use our products.
You get the choice, the use of a cloud storage or an app will be always optionnal.

— The Oneby team

  • No restiction or app required
    No restiction or app required

    You can use Lylo without an app if you want.

  • No subscription or cloud required
    No subscription or cloud required

    Privacy is important for us. Your data stay inside your home

  • Open source software
    Open source software

    Lylo software is completely open source under the GPL v2 licence. Everyone can upgrade Lylo and profit.